Our Comprehensive Range of Services

RMS Surveyors offers an extensive range of solutions for property owners and developers. Regardless of project size or scope, our team of surveyors and planners have the expertise to finish the job.  We are professionals who take great pride in our work, utilising the most up-to-date technology and industry techniques. In every project, we settle for nothing less than 100% client satisfaction. Give us a call today to find out how our professional services can help.  We provide expert planning and surveying services in the following categories:

Land Subdivision and Property Development

Subdividing property is a process that divides a single land title into two or more sections, with each new lot receiving a separate legal title of its own. Subdivision is governed by rules contained within the Council’s District Plan and the Resource Management Act. Any activity that involves changing boundaries and titles, the developer must also apply for resource consent beforehand.

If your property meets the specific criteria then you may be able to subdivide to create new parcels of land with individual titles. Subdivision can be a complex, however, consulting a Registered Professional Surveyor is the best way to ensure that this process is a smooth as possible.

RMS Surveyors can assist you with your subdivision project from beginning to end. This is likely to involve:
  • Determining whether your intended land subdivision is feasible
  • Applying for a resource consent
  • Arranging contractors and the work required to satisfy the conditions of subdivision consent
  • Preparing a survey plan and submitting it to the local Council 
  • Submitting the subdivision plan to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)
  • Liaising with your solicitor regarding the issue of new titles
As you might expect the process of land subdivision can be long and complicated, especially since it involves a number of different parties. This includes government entities like the local Council and LINZ, professionals such as Engineers, Architects, Ecologists, Landscape Architects and Arborists, and your neighbouring property owners. We can help you make sense of things and minimise the difficulty. 

RMS Surveyors is highly experienced at undertaking all types of rural and urban subdivision. Every project is unique, and requires careful evaluation before it can proceed. We take the time to understand your goals, and customise our approach to fit the circumstances. You can depend on us to deliver results in a prompt and cost-effective manner.

If you are interested in subdividing your property, we invite you to contact our team today to get advice. We would be glad to discuss your plans with you.

Boundary Marking (Locating Boundary Pegs)

Boundary Marking Surveys involve locating old boundary pegs to confirm their reliability or placement, taking into account other surrounding survey marks and the location of existing occupation (fences, buildings, etc).  Councils often require boundaries to be marked for construction of new buildings.   Boundaries are also commonly marked prior to a property being sold. 

A boundary marking survey will allow property owners to build a fence along their boundaries, erect a new structure, and in some cases solve land ownership disputes. RMS Surveyors can provide a prompt and accurate redefinition of your property’s boundaries. Regardless of your needs, our team has the expertise to help. 

Finding Your Property Boundary Markers (Pegs)

Many properties do not have easily visible boundary markers. Earthwork, previous construction projects, weather and time might have displaced or damaged them over the years. If you cannot find your pegs, or suspect that they may be in the wrong place, a survey is necessary to determine the actual boundaries of your land. 

It is not enough to rely on old fences and walls as your legal boundaries, as these may have been built inaccurately. To avoid any unnecessary costs and difficulties, you need to be completely sure. 

What Happens When the Pegs go Missing? 

If the original property boundary pegs on your property have gone missing, further survey work is necessary to reinstate the boundaries and replace the markers. Licensed Cadastral Surveyors are the only people who are legally permitted to do this, and the information must be recorded and lodged properly with the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). 

The cost of this work will depend on several factors, such as the age of the underlying survey and availability of survey marks in the area. RMS Surveyors will provide an estimate of the costs, after researching and taking into account the necessary information. Contact us today, and tell us about your requirements.

Topographic (Contour) Surveys

The basis of every successful development is a good design and accurate information. A topographic survey is essentially a high accuracy 3D map of your land, depicting physical features and ground contours. It can be performed in both rural and urban environments. 

These surveys are necessary at the pre-design stage for any construction project. Designers, Architects & Engineers use them to find out the contour of the land and its existing physical features before planning any sort of work. When performed correctly, it helps prevent costly delays and other complications later on during construction. 

RMS Surveyors can produce high quality topographic plans, customised in scale and level of detail to suit your project. We have a highly experienced team of surveyors, and the latest industry technology at our disposal. Our help will ensure that your development begins with the right information.  

Accurately Surveying Your Site 

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds. From major housing developments to new commercial buildings, we are adept at working in many different environments. A comprehensive topographic site survey from us will often include the following in its scope:
  • Surveying the contour of the land
  • Recording the location and levels of all buildings and natural features of the property
  • Verify boundaries to determine the project’s periphery
  • Determine the location of public features such as drainage lines and electrical or telecoms cabling
The data we gather varies from site to site, and we will work closely with you at every stage. We can then supply both digital and physical illustrations of our findings, delivering the information in the formats most convenient for your team. 

Save time, money, and stress throughout your construction by partnering with us. RMS Surveyors has helped developers of all kinds and sizes with their projects. From performing topographic surveys to being actively involved in the planning of your construction, we will help ensure that everything goes according to your expectations.

Building and Construction Set-out

Construction surveys are a necessary part of every build. One of the most important phases of every construction is the site set-out. It is crucial to perform a set-out survey to ensure that any new building is set out in the location that it has been design and approved. 

RMS Surveyors has the skills and resources necessary to perform set-out surveys for even the most demanding constructions. We utilise precision surveying equipment and the latest industry software in our work, giving you confidence that your building will be constructed in the correct location. 

Avoid Risks and Unnecessary Costs

Positioning buildings or services without engaging a licensed surveyor may lead to accidental legal violations, which could result unexpected delays, and difficult fixes or workarounds. In the worst case buildings and services could be constructed over boundaries and may have to be moved to the correct location at significant cost.   By having a licensed surveyor carry out a comprehensive site set-out survey, you will alleviate the risk of making costly mistakes. 

Solutions for Every Project

RMS Surveyors performs construction surveys for private and public sector developments of all sizes. From engineering set-out of major subdivisions with hundreds of lots to setting out a garage on a residential property, no project is beyond our skill-set. When you entrust the surveying of your property to us, you can be sure that you will receive the best results.
We can also produce a certificate confirming the site set-out position, should the Council require it. Our team is committed to making this process as simple and convenient as possible for you. Give us a call today, and let us discuss the specifics of your project.

District Plan Interpretation and Advice

Most of the rules and regulations that govern what you can do on your property are contained within the District Plan which is a document prepared by Council.  Regrettably the nature of district plans is that they are written in "planner speak" which is difficult to understand and is often ambiguous.  Fortunately RMS Surveyors are fluent in this language and we are able to interpret the rules for any enquiry you may have in respect of what you may wish to do on your property, whether it be the construction of new buildings or establishment of a new activity.

Doing your Due Diligence on a property? 

Naturally people purchase property with a specific ideas in mind about what they want to do with the property.  It is an essential part of the due diligence process when purchasing a property that you get the right advice and avoid purchasing a property which is not suitable for your intended purpose.  RMS Surveyors have the expertise to provide the processional advice you need about what can be done with any property you are looking at purchasing.

Resource Consent Applications

Resource Consent Applications are necessary for activities that cannot be carried out as of right and may have adverse effects on the environment. Subdividing land, building a new house in a sensitive environment, and most types of earthwork are a few examples of these. All resource consent applications must demonstrate how the proposed activity will comply or identify proposed infringements with planning requirements.  It is also necessary to show how any possible adverse effects of the proposal are to be mitigated. 

RMS Surveyors can guide you through the resource consent process from start to finish, providing valuable advice, preparing the application on your behalf, and helping you avoid common mistakes. Our experts will tell you how long the application will take, estimate the various costs, and tell you about the possible issues that you may encounter. 

Get Approval from Your Local Council

Every Council has different District Plan, which contains various rules and conditions for activities that may have an impact on the environment. Some towns may require consent for an activity that others freely permit, while a few areas may prohibit that activity entirely. It is important to verify this, as an incorrect assumption may carry serious consequences. 

The consent application process may seem complex and overwhelming to those who are unused to it, but it can be summarised into a few key points. 
  • Assessing the activity’s status against the relevant sections of the District Plan
  • Assessing the possible adverse effects of the proposed activity on the environment
  • Consulting the people who may be affected by the activity
  • Preparing and submitting the resource consent application to the local Council
  • Negotiating with Council regarding the issue of resource consent decision and the conditions of the decision
  • Attending any required hearings regarding the application
We can simplify matters and improve your chances of a successful application by walking you through every step of the process. RMS Surveyors has years of experience in resource consent applications, and we regularly deal with many of the local councils. This gives us a deep understanding of the process, allowing us to secure individual requirements with ease. 

Do you need assistance with your application or development? Give us a call today, and we would be more than happy to lend you our expertise.

Unit Title Surveys

Unit Titles are a form of subdivision governed by the Unit Titles Act. These titles are freehold stratum estate created for separate units within high-density developments, such as an apartment building or a group of buildings. Every unit owner legally owns their space, and has a share in common property like entranceways, swimming pools, or gardens. 

The unit title structure may be your best choice if you are developing a multi-storey office building or an apartment block. Subdividing the property into separate spaces will require a comprehensive unit title survey. Alternatively, you can also survey a completed building to clarify the extent of ownership of separate units, and define commonly owned areas.

RMS Surveyors includes unit title surveying in our wide range of services. When results matter, our experienced surveyors are the team to trust.

Making Subdivision Simpler

If you are considering a unit-title structure for your planned development, we can advise you on the various pros and cons. Once you have come to a decision, our surveyors and planners can assist you with every step of the subdivision process; we can help in applying for a resource consent, preparing the unit title plans, coordinating the valuation, and the issuance of new titles for the units. 

Cross Lease Surveys

A cross lease is where two or more parties own the freehold in land, generally as tenants in common, and lease the buildings on the property to one another using reciprocal leases. These buildings and the exclusive use areas around them are shown on a cross lease plan. Although popular back in the 1980s, this form of title has fallen out of favour in modern times. 

Many New Zealand properties still fall under a cross lease title, however, and this creates a need for surveying. Because of the shared ownership, most building improvements or alterations will often require the approval of all co-owners beforehand, and an amending survey. It is also possible to convert your title into a conventional freehold.

RMS Surveyors provides both of these services on a regular basis. We have helped many property owners, and taken on a wide range of challenging projects. 

Cross Lease Update or Rectification Survey

Cross lease restrictive covenant and lease areas are usually defined by a survey and the building footprints. If the building footprint changes (i.e. additions or alterations are made to the building), then an update or rectification survey is required to update the cross lease plan. 

By revising the reciprocal leases, this ensures that each party has the right to occupy and lease their respective buildings. Many co-owners may request an amendment as part of a condition for sale as well, if there is a deficiency in the title. 

Cross Lease Conversion to Freehold 

Owners have the option of subdividing their property to create conventional freehold titles. A full conversion will require the involvement of all co-owners, the local Council, and the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). While this may cost more than an amendment, the improved title is often more desirable.

 Contact us today and inquire about our services. 

Boundary Adjustment Surveys

Boundary Adjustment Surveys are essentially a subdivision of two or more adjacent properties to adjust the common boundaries between them. Unlike a typical land subdivision, however, this process only involves changing the boundaries between two or more titles; it does not create a new lot. 

Whether you are purchasing land from your neighbour or moving legal boundaries to account for natural divisions, a boundary adjustment subdivision and survey is an important part of formalising the adjustment. Although this is a relatively straightforward process, it is important to secure local government approval beforehand, and to follow the necessary process to avoid complications. 

For the best results, you should rely on experts with the qualifications to do the job efficiently and correctly. RMS Surveyors has extensive experience dealing with work of this kind, and our surveyors and planners would be more than happy to assist you. 

Versatile Surveying Capabilities for Your Needs

The scope and costs of a boundary adjustment can vary, depending on a number of factors. Before we can provide you with an estimate of the total costs, we will need to assess the project’s details. Every situation is unique, but a boundary adjustment will generally follow this basic process: 
Our team of surveyors and planners can provide the advice you need, and will carry out your boundary adjustment according to legal and professional requirements. 
Simplify the adjustment for your property boundaries by choosing us as your partner. RMS Surveyors is always ready to help property owners with their surveying and planning needs. Give us a call today, and let us know how we can make a difference.

As-Built Surveys

An as-built survey shows the state of a development during or at the end of construction. It gives a detailed description of the site, and records the 3D locations of infrastructure and structures. Generally, Councils require these surveys for integration of new services into their GIS (Graphical Information System), while developers consider them as valuable project management aids.

Being three dimensional rather than a flat map, they are more detailed than most other land survey types. Some of them have specific purposes, such as a foundation survey that confirms the accuracy of a foundation’s placement. These surveys may detect significant deviations or risk factors, allowing developers to solve the problem early on. 

RMS Surveyors can provide as-built surveys according to exact specifications, while adapting the scope of our services to suit your unique requirements. Our surveyors are fully qualified to carry out this analysis, and do so quickly and accurately. We will provide the necessary field reports, summaries, and photos or videos of the site as you need them. 

Meeting Requirements and Documenting Conditions

The survey usually acts as a close-out document, which Councils use to verify your compliance with relevant standards. It will reveal how closely the construction followed the approved plans, and whether the structures conform to the zoning regulations and approved consents. 

On the project management side, as-built surveying is important tools that show exactly how much work has been completed. They give a comprehensive view of the development to date – information that can be useful for adjusting work schedules, verifying costs, and much more. This is essential in large construction projects, and many developers will request a survey at certain milestones. 

RMS Surveyors has experience working with both residential and commercial developments. Our as-built services can be performed at any phase of the development. We encourage clients to contact us for their inquiries; every project is different, and we would be glad to give a specific advice for your situation.
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