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At RMS Surveyors we believe that proved experience speaks louder than words. We have had the pleasure of building up an impressive and diverse portfolio since our beginning in 1977. All of our previous projects have presented unique challenges, pushing us to continue specialising our service and to hone our skills so that we can continue to deliver the best. Please continue reading for some notable examples of previously completed projects.

Estuary Properties - 16 Lot Residential Subdivision

A 16 Lot residential subdivision of elevated land above the Otahu Estuary – this project involved the extension to an existing road with a cul-de-sac style subdivision.

The project contained a number of challenges including requirements for a sewerage pump station, water booster pumping system and stormwater detention and disposal to an upgraded wetland area.

RMS Surveyors were the lead consultants engaged to manage the project and provide a full range of services including resource consents to both local and regional authorities, subdivision and engineering design, civil contract documentation and administration, construction set-out, land transfer survey, as-built plans and final council sign off.
Estuary Properties

Montrose Farm - Rural Coastal Subdivision

A coastal-rural development that created 6 new coastal blocks within a rural surrounding abutting the coast and a scenic reserve.  The development is at Golden Valley near Waihi.  This project faced a number of unique issues requiring creative problem solving by RMS Surveyors. 

The development involved construction of 2.5km of new road through existing farmland, crossing several streams and forestry woodlots.  Each block was provided with access to a beach on one of the lots, via a right of way through steep forested land.  All blocks were serviced with electricity and telecommunication connections to the boundary.

RMS Surveyors services included all resource consents to both local and regional authorities, subdivision and engineering design, contract administration and supervision, land transfer survey, as-builts, and sign off the subdivision to Council. 
Rural Coastal Subdivision

Whangamata Marina

New Zealand's premier Marina situated in the Whangamata Harbour.

RMS Surveyors were engaged to provide construction set-out for the project, resource management advice regarding compliance with strict resource consent conditions and to carry out legal survey work required under the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004.

Construction set-out was carried out using our state of the art high accuracy GPS equipment.  The project required significant initiative and problem solving in the setting out of complicated structures with curved walls and irregular shapes, often under water or working around the tide.  RMS Surveyors were able to set-out the entire marina basin, including rock armouring and pontoons along with onshore drainage works with a 100% success rate of accurate positioning.

RMS Surveyors’ extensive knowledge of the Resource Management Act 1991 enabled us to assist the project in complying with onerous resource consent conditions and ensure the project’s compliance with environmental requirements. 

RMS Surveyors were also engaged to carry out complicated legal survey work under the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004.  This involved accurate determination of the extent of Mean High Water Springs and determination of property boundaries.
Whangamata Marina
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